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Mon May 1,2017 03:01 PM

we were having an interesting discussion today in TOK class whether religion really fits into a school curriculum and i wanted to get your opinions on it
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Tue May 2,2017 09:28 AM

Honestly? No. Religion, unless as part of a religious course, shouldn't have a place in curriculums. That's the only way to maintain neutrality. Now, an argument to this may be; why's athiesm the default? And that's simply because athiesm is less varied than religion. You cannot possibly factor in every religious explanation, and if you didn't, then you're exclusionary (Honestly, it's also that athiestic explanations better reflect academic teaching.)

That's not to mention the whole imposing-your-faith thing. You got to be respectful towards students' freedom of belief. And that still applies in schools with less varied student bodies, where some sort of religion is majoritative. You never know who's in the closet.
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Fri Sep 22,2017 05:55 PM

it depends on the school. i’m at a catholic school so we are forced to learn religion. whoever isn’t catholic still does it because they chose to come to a catholic school.
but if you were at a public school, they shouldn’t be teaching it UNLESS it’s part of the curriculum

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