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Thu Nov 29,2018 04:31 PM

How can I incorporate either music or my IB psychology course into my Math IA?
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Thu Nov 29,2018 05:42 PM

I don’t know about psychology, but for music I do have some ideas.

Try to find a famous composer, Beethoven or Mozart, and try to find the frequencies they used in their compositions. It’s a relatively advanced topic for a math SL student to work upon. Don’t be discouraged though. Link it to personal engagement if you are really into music.

Note: I am not discouraging you, but generally students who write on music tend to get lower scores only because they don’t explain their music terms which the moderator doesn’t understand.
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Thu Nov 29,2018 05:45 PM

Otherwise, I would recommend working with modeling, dynamical systems, and even topics from Discrete Math HL (option 10) to get a higher probability for getting a 7.
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Fri Nov 30,2018 10:33 AM

If you do the music path, get the band teacher or chorus teacher at your school (if you have those programs) to go over some of the terms for your IA to make sure you’ve explained the terms enough like how @murka243 said most people don’t do well on

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