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Thu Jun 14,2018 01:03 AM

I’m having trouble deciding between ib music HL and Spanish B SL for my group 6 class. I really enjoy both and I’ve taken both Spanish and AP Music Theory this past school year. Which one should I take? Which one do you personally prefer and why? Which is harder?
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Fri Jun 15,2018 12:36 AM

It’s not about which one’s harder and what everyone else prefers. It’s about YOU. You will be taking this class. Do you personally enjoy Spanish, or music? You see, I might enjoy Music more because I can play the piano. But someone else might not, and consequently they simply may not enjoy Music as much because they have no association with it.

What do you want to study later in life? Do you perhaps want to study in Spain? Or do you already play an instrument? Tell us that and we can work with that information.
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Fri Jun 15,2018 09:42 PM

@Do music HL. It's the same thing as SL, except you have one extra part of the assihnment.

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