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Tue Feb 13,2018 09:32 AM

I understand almost everybody is stressed here but i need to R e l e a s e! So basically my psych sl teacher is gone and they replaced him and it’s a stressful change bc we literally watched ted talks all day and we’re gonna fail the exam and bio year 1 is destroying me because i don’t understand any pedigrees and such and antigone is a terrible read for english and i struggle with forming my thoughts and i fear sounding idiotic in front of my peers for the ioc and my math ia is due tm and i feel confident but who really knows and i spent 3 hours trying to combine pdf’s and my history ia investigation is due on my birthday and i just don’t have time to even do it and ib international night is tomorrow and i just have no time and thank you for listening friends i love you all
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Sun Feb 18,2018 01:02 AM

@Good luck!!

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